Leamington Resettlement Assistance Program (LRAP) assists Government Sponsored Refugees (GARs) arriving in our Community with services based on their needs assessment to initiate the resettlement process.

NCCE Inc., as a Service Provider Organization, delivers on behalf of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), various settlement and orientation services to GARs within their first 4 to 6 weeks in Canada.

LRAP provides assistance with the following services: Temporary accommodation, financial support, heath services (IFH), immediate and essential services like applying for OHIP, Canada Child Tax Benefits, GST/HST, Permanent Residence Card Address Notification, English Language Assessment, language school registration, and child school registration.

LRAP also offers a 3 day orientation that covers Life in Canada (weather, provinces, finances, etc…) housing, health and employment.

Support and necessary referrals to other existing programs and services are also provided.