Settlement Workers in Schools (SWIS)

Settlement Workers in Schools (SWIS) assist newcomer students and their families settle in their schools and community environment by providing information and referral to resources in other agencies, schools and community programs.

Library Settlement Partnership (LSP)

Settlement Workers are located in library branches providing recent newcomer families with assistance in accessing library and other community programs and services.


WIN Program – Welcome Information for Newcomers: An orientation to newcomer parents and their children entering elementary schools.

NOW program – Newcomer Orientation Week Newcomer: Students who were newcomers in previous years (Peer Leaders) demonstrate school routines, provide information and offer advice to new students. Peer Leaders receive training to welcome and help newcomer students settle into Secondary schools.

WIN and NOW were first launched in 2008 and every year ever since the launch, SWIS at the New Canadians’ Centre of Excellence Inc. deliver both programs during the last two weeks of August at schools in collaboration with Public and Catholic School Boards and funded by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. Building on the positive response and welcome from both boards and school personnel, SWIS along with ESL departments ran the successful programs: Peer Leaders Training and delivery, instilling a sense of hope to all newcomer students who are preparing for the school year ahead of them.

During the Peer Leaders Training and Program Delivery, Youth – Peer Leaders, supports and participants performed, showcased their talents and promoted an inclusive community at all the schools.