The Settlement, Orientation and Referral Services (SORS) Program provides newcomers with the assistance and support they may need to settle and integrate in Canada through the Needs Assessments and Referral Services, Settlement Plans, Information and Orientation on a one-on-one basis, family and group services to help make informed decisions and understand life in Canada, Translation/Interpretation Services, and access to any other services required to address immediate and long-term settlement concerns.

Settlement Plan and Needs Assessments

Through Needs Assessment and Referral Services newcomers will receive an in-depth intake and assessment of their needs and strengths, referrals to the services identified through the process, settlement plans that outline a strategy to achieve settlement success, record the Needs Assessment objectives, and follow ups to ensure that newcomers receive the required services and determine if they require additional services due to changing needs.

Translation and Interpretation Services

Newcomers are provided with translation services which include, but are not limited to the following documents: Academic Transcripts, Driving Records, Driving Licenses, Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates, University Degrees, Diplomas, resource materials and letters from different community partners and government institutions.

Newcomers that speak very little English and have special appointments within the community will receive assistance with ‘Out-of-Office Appointments’ services to Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada (local office), Language Assessment and Resource Centre, Service Canada, Central Housing Registry, Hiatus House, Children’s Aid Society, Doctor’s Offices, City of Windsor Social Services, etc.

Orientation to Ontario (O2O)

New Canadians’ Centre of Excellence Inc. in partnership with COSTI Immigrant Services, delivers O2O (Orientation to Ontario) information sessions.

These sessions provide newcomers with the basic information they need to settle in Ontario. They contain six sections which include several topics that give information for the whole province, including websites, phone numbers for government offices, settlement-planning tools and so much more.

International Student Connect (ISC)

New Canadians’ Centre of Excellence Inc. in partnership with COSTI Immigrant Services, University of Windsor and St. Clair College, delivers ISC (International Student Connect) information sessions and one-on-one services to International Students.

These sessions provide information and support to International Students regarding their settlement needs such as, Getting to Know Canada and Ontario, Life in Ontario, and services in a wider community.